Like Home



Can secrets ruin a friendship?

Natalie Noel lives in the same Wyoming town where she grew up, but she isn’t home. Natalie’s content to stay in her hole of self-pity until Marcela Brookes moves to town. The pretty newcomer offers Natalie something she hasn’t had in a long time—friendship. Marcela should be easy for Natalie to ignore, except she’d make the perfect match for Natalie’s single, younger brother.
Natalie’s friendship with the newcomer, Marcela, has her stepping into an unheard of role — match-maker. This isn’t just about her brother. All the unwanted attention she’s getting from a certain fireman may push her over the edge.
Natalie’s new friend has her willing to open up her heart to love again, but Marcela isn’t being completely honest. When she falls for Natalie’s brother, her secrets begin to unravel. Natalie’s new confidant has lied to her and those lies could come back to hurt them all. Can Natalie ever trust her friend—or her heart again?

“In a world full of problems, it’s rare to find a book so well written with the simple yet complex tale of love and hope. Can we forgive? Yes. Can we change? Yes. Can we learn to trust and love again? Yes. I read this book from cover to cover in one evening. It was as gripping as it was funny, as sweet as it was romantic. You will fall in love with the characters as they learn to fall in love again, too. This book is a restorer of hope; it’s like home.”
Heidi Shuler


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