NewLink Publishers: NewLink wants to review manuscripts in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Horror.  We are looking for authors whose novels are written in active voice with minimal passive voice, and a clear, fixed point of view. If your work falls short of our standards, we supply a short evaluation as to why your work was rejected.  After fixing any major problems, you may resubmit, your work, along with a letter of explanation as to the improvements made.
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Ink & Quill Publishers: We want to review manuscripts of all genres. Bear in mind that we are looking for novels written up to today’s standards, ie active voice with a clear, fixed point of view and minimal use of adverbs in exposition and minimal passive voice.
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Submissions Staff

Jo A. Wilkins
Jo is looking for almost anything in the way of a submission except fantasy. She is a content editor for Ink & Quill and NewLink and will not read anything that conflicts with their submissions guidelines. Her main interests are science fiction, mystery, historical, memoirs and  educational material (but it has to have an interesting presentation). She does not read or enjoy romance based novels.


Denice Whitmore
I read juvenile fiction, young adult, scifi, young adult paranormal romance and historical fiction as well. I have edited fantasy and mainstream literature.  I do not like, nor will I read, submissions of erotica or those with excessive swearing. I look forward to working with seasoned and new authors alike. I enjoy the editing process and love being one of the first to read a good book.


Richard Draude
While working behind the scenes on book covers, and keeping our computers and servers running, Richard is also one of the people who reads through all our submission. As a writer of Science Fiction and an avid reader of Scifi and Fantasy, he offers valuable insight into a manuscript’s potential.