Mystic Publishers Inc.

At Mystic Publishers Inc. our goal is to return to the golden age of publishing while maintaining the standard of Show Don’t Tell, with all our authors, new and established. We pledge to give our readers stories that will draw them in and entertain.

In the realm of publishing, our goal is to take the time to read some or all of every submission that crosses our desks. What are we seeking? We want to review manuscripts of all genres. Remember, we are looking for novels written up to today’s standards, written in active voice with a clear, fixed point of view, minimal use of adverbs in exposition, and minimal passive voice.

If your submission falls short of our standards, we will supply you with a short evaluation as to why we rejected your work. After fixing any major problems, we will accept your re-submission, along with a letter of explanation on the changes made.

Depending on genre, we have two specific imprints.

NewLink Publishing

Science Fiction
Fantasy Fiction

Ink & Quill Publishers

Ink & Quill focuses on mainstream genres
General Fiction