Mystic Publishers Inc.

At Mystic Publishers Inc. our goal is to return to the golden age of publishing while maintaining the standard of Show Don't Tell, with all our authors, new and established. We pledge to give our readers stories that will draw them in and entertain.

In the realm of publishing, our goal is to take the time to read some or all of every submission that crosses our desks. What are we seeking? We want to review manuscripts of all genres. Remember, we are looking for novels written up to today's standards, written in active voice with a clear, fixed point of view, minimal use of adverbs in exposition, and minimal passive voice.

If your submission falls short of our standards, we will supply you with a short evaluation as to why we rejected your work. After fixing any major problems, we will accept your re-submission, along with a letter of explanation on the changes made.

Depending on genre, we have two specific imprints.

NewLink Publishing

Science Fiction
Fantasy Fiction

Ink & Quill Publishers

Ink & Quill focuses on mainstream genres
General Fiction

Our Staff

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Jo A. Wilkins Acquisitions 
Jo’s looking for almost anything in the way of a submission, except fantasy. She is a content editor for Ink & Quill and NewLink and will read nothing that conflicts with our submissions guidelines. Her major interests are science fiction, mystery, historical memoirs, and educational material (but it has to have an interesting presentation). She does not read or enjoy romance based novels.

Contact me at


Janelle Evans is the managing editor for Mystic Publishers Inc. Her favorite genre to read for entertainment is YA but she has edited fiction across the spectrum of writing.

For the company, she is looking for character-driven novels with a strong understanding of POV (Point Of View). She doesn’t like to see a villain in the story be evil just for sake of being the villain. Neither does she like to see overly perfect characters being the hero of the story. People in real life are complicated. She likes to see that same depth in the characters in which she reads. She finds long sections of backstory boring and a drag overall to any novel’s plot, she especially doesn’t want to see a novel that starts with backstory. Every novel should have a clear plot with engaging dialogue.


Richard Draude IT and Book Covers
While working behind the scenes on book covers, and keeping our computers and servers running, Richard is also reading all our submission. As an author of Science Fiction and an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy, he offers valuable insight into a manuscript's potential.

He is the author of the five book Science Fiction series The MacKenna Saga. You can learn more about his series at

He is also the author of Almost A Whisper. A romance novel that takes place around the White Mountains , Showlow, Snowflake area.

You can contact him about his series @


Jenni Curtis: Marketing Specialist

Jenni Head Shot

Jenni enjoys working with the authors at Mystic Publishers Inc. to increase the visibility and marketability of their creations. She also gives advice on our submissions. Jenni is an avid reader who has read in many genres. When she is not researching the most recent trends in publishing, she works on writing and marketing her own books and gives feedback to fellow writers. In any submission, she is looking for authors who have done their research and desire to be engaged in the marketing process for their book.

She is the author of the Faerie Warrior series. You can learn more about her at