Books Coming in 2022!

Wondering what books are releasing in the next six months? We at Mystic Publishers Inc are excited to share these great titles with you! Check them out!

Series: Psychotherapy with Ghosts

Release date: February 1st

Other books in series: Book 1, Quiet Room

In 1971, Psychotherapist David Weis thought he’d reached a therapeutic completion with his ghostly, lovely patient, Almira…until the true reason for her spiritual entrapment is revealed. The questions raised are more profound than anything psychology can explain. Can David really help without surrendering his own disbelief and risk losing the chance for love in his own life?

Meanwhile, in 1841, life at the Albany Female Academy is complicated. Desperate and young, Almira is thrown into a web of social tensions, animal desire, and secrets built upon secrets. Can she and her forbidden lover, Daniel, succeed in their race against time to marry and find happiness in the face of society’s obstacles? (Pre-order Now!)

Series: The Rising Herald Saga

Release Date: March 1st

Other Books in Series: Book 1, The Traitor’s Reliquary

Kestel is sentenced to death, but fate has other plans…

Snatched from the jaws of a Hydra, Kestel finds himself swept into a struggle of monsters and angels. The fate of a crumbling society hangs on Kestel’s impossible quest for revenge against a living god.

Meanwhile, the island of Caelbor teeters on the brink of civil war. Spymaster Harpalus plots in the shadows, only to be faced by the woman who trained him. Will Harpalus succeed in stopping the war, or will old scores tear apart his country be left unsettled? (Pre-order Now!)

Release Date: April 5th

When a deadly trio of elderly con artists breeze into town and target Bess, the woman he loves, a retired real estate developer uses his position as president of a senior citizens group to investigate their pasts. By doing so, Harve unwittingly puts his life, and the lives of his friends, in mortal danger

Series: The Tripitaka Chronicles

Release Date: 5/3

Other Books in series: Book 1, White Lotus

The survival of two kingdoms rests in their hands…

After the betrayal in King Sunjo’s court, Yun-li and Kyetsu are forced onto a ship heading for Hong Kong. There they discover a world darker and more sinister than anything they had imagined. They must find new allies as well as great inner strength if they are to avoid the fate that lies in store.

Release Date: May 17th

While investigating the murder of a man, found staked to a tree with a poisoned dart through his open mouth, Detective Roman Crain is pulled into an international search for the missing pages to a formula for a medical breakthrough. The clues lead him from Las Vegas to Peru, Amsterdam, and beyond. Can he find the culprit trying to sell the missing pages to this life-saving formula? Will he be able to protect the people around him, and save the woman he loves from imminent danger?

Series: The Sword Demon

Release Date: June 7th

Other Books in Series: Book 1, Laplace’s Demon and Book 2, Marielle’s Witch

In the darkest shadows… She waits From the smoldering ashes… She beckons And with each drop of blood… She grows stronger

The Snow Witch has struck again—this time, at Laplace’s heart. Amid the destruction and chaos inflicted on his beloved Paris, a little girl has disappeared. Now Laplace and his allies have no choice but to travel to the ancient land of Japan to confront the evil that torments him in order to save the little girl, that which he values more than anything.

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