"Ezekiel’s Brain does exactly what a piece of speculative fiction should: it delights in being thought-provoking, ranging over issues in AI, neuroscience, politics and philosophy, and at the same time takes the reader on a high octane narrative journey. This is a fast paced, playful novel that is never content to  let the reader’s expectations settle. Prepare to meet one of fiction’s more unlikely protagonists. Prepare to meet the future."  

Bernard Beckett – Author/Genesis 

Never failing to engage and entertain, Casey Dorman has the gift of simplifying complex ideas and making them accessible in a narrative of tense and suspenseful storytelling. Brimming with just the right blend of intelligence, knowledge and imagination, the plot of Ezekiel’s Brain careers its way from planet to planet, from solar system to parallel universe, culminating in a climax set far in the future that also acts as a metaphor for present and pressing concerns. The conflict at its core is deceptively simple: which world is better – an emotionless world filled with machines (albeit machines with human values), or a human world that edges ever closer to destroying itself by allowing its emotions supremacy over its values? And fittingly it falls to a crossbreed – a human “emulation” - to provide us with what may, or may not, be the answer.   

Ezekiel’s Brain is a novel that’s stark in its warnings but hopeful, and - perhaps more surprisingly, since its heroes are machines  presents the reader with dilemmas, doubts and possibilities that are profoundly human.  

Panayotis Cacoyannis –-
Artist & Author 

Be prepared for an intense, thought provoking page turner.  

Events in this book will catch you unaware and you’ll find yourself considering the chilling possibilities.  

- C.A. Darwin - writer/author