Rory's Choice

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Heart Divided: Book One

‘Stay away from the Kellys,’ that’s all Rory’s father asked her to do, and after a lifetime of following orders, it shouldn’t have been hard…
Until a chance face-to-face meeting finds her staring into the green eyes of the youngest Kelly, Jake. Drawn to the young man, she can’t resist the secret friendship he offers. Okay, so her father had told her no, no, no, but when the heart is screaming yes, yes, yes, what could possibly go wrong?

Consequences: Book Two

Rory got the kiss, but not the fairy tale. Her Prince Charming went off to college. Now, left to face the rumor-mill alone, she discovers far more dangerous things lurking in town than gossip—a plot to harm her! Everyone pushes her around as a pawn in this game of intrigue until she can’t take it anymore. She takes back her life, deciding for herself what is best. But those choices send her careening toward events she can’t avoid. Learning the hard way that for every choice made, a price must be paid…

More than a year may have passed, but some wounds need more than time to heal—they need revenge…

Thorns of Revenge:
Book Three

Hiding her heart behind a wall of indifference, Rory keeps everyone at arm’s length. She struggles with Jake’s return to Pinedale, but finds herself roped into being his hippotherapist. Cruel notes and “roses of death” appear, adding to Rory’s frustration. The notes are unsigned, but they must be from Jake, his anger evident whenever they are together. But is he the only one bitter about the past? Rory better figure it out soon—revenge is already lurking at her door.