OLIVIA BENSON’S life was on target, great boyfriend, respectable major, loving parents. She didn’t have time for the unknown. When Olivia’s estranged grandmother dies, leaving her an unexpected inheritance, the unknown is all she can think about. Olivia will never forget the last time she saw Grandma Amelia-all those years ago, crying next to the open floorboards for someone Olivia had never heard of before. Olivia never tattled on her. Now it seems as if Amelia wanted her secrets found, and she knew exactly who should find them. Living in her grandmother’s old house in the tiny town of Rendezvous, Olivia begins her search. Rendezvous’ residents can’t keep their eyes off her, the new girl. And living next door to Logan, her alluring neighbor, is making her forget everything and everyone she left behind.

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Can secrets ruin a friendship? Natalie is about to find out.

Natalie Noel lives in the same Wyoming town where she grew up, but she isn’t home. Natalie’s content to stay in her hole of self-pity until Marcela Brookes moves to town. The pretty newcomer offers Natalie something she hasn’t had in a long time—friendship. Marcela should be easy for Natalie to ignore, except she’d make the perfect match for Natalie’s single, younger brother.
Natalie’s friendship with the newcomer, Marcela, has her stepping into an unheard of role for herself— match-maker. This isn’t just about her brother though that has her stepping far out of her comfort zone. All the unwanted attention she’s getting from a certain fireman may push her over the edge.

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