Blue Moon:  Author Danna Walters

ISO Cover 08 Final

Gaze Upon a Blue Moon

When three year old Irelyn disappears her family is frantic. But her sudden reappearance is no less dramatic, as she relates a story of fairies taking her to a distant land. Upon the death of the Grand Dad Irish she must come to grips this her childhood memories. Did she really travel to Ireland in the 1600s? And if she did what dose it mean?

Wish Upon a Blue Moon

Legend has it if you walk up the Wishing Steps at Blarney Castle the Druid King backward will grant your wish. While helping on the family's sheep farm Erin, daughter of Cian and Irelyn goes missing. Did the Blue Moon transport her to the past? Did she follow a Blue Butterfly to a fairy ring? Or did a wish made upon the Wishing Steps come true?

Coming in 2022 The exciting conclusion of the Blue Moon Trilogy

Wait Upon A
Blue Moon

A SEEK Team Investigations: Author Sharon Day

Ghost of a Chance ISO
01 Tall dark and Elusive cover 03
Threshols Cover ISO

Ghost of a Chance

Psychic Isabeau “Beau” Fraser is thrilled when her billionaire client hires her and her friends to investigate the unexplained. But, she soon realizes it isn’t just ghosts doing the haunting, Marco Petrov and an unresolved history lurked in the shadows. While investigating a dusty mansion, an abandoned prison, a lonely lighthouse, and a ramshackle woodland home, her team gathers evidence of the afterlife as well as evidence of a longing that never died.

Tall, Dark, and Elusive

Billionaire Edward Schulte dispatches psychic Beau Fraser and her investigative team to track down evidence of Bigfoot. Chasing
the elusive hairy man is nearly as dangerous and terrifying as her feelings for Marco. Caught in the crosshairs between two men who want her, Beau has to dance a fine line. On the one hand, she must keep Schulte’s secret from the team, and on the other hand, she doesn’t want to upset the newly developed closeness with Marco.

Will the team that investigated ghosts in the last installment  be able to survive the dangers in the forests,


Armed with an enchanted ring and the promise of saving one life, the SEEK Team explores portal phenomena. Even after his death, billionaire Edward Schulte haunts Beau and Marco. Their research mission this time is dangerous, and their feelings keep them even more vulnerable. Will they approach the threshold of a parallel world and will Marco be able to carry Beau through the threshold to marital bliss?

Voodoo Justice: Author Janelle Evans

Stuffed Souls

Trapped inside burlap dolls adorning a grave, Jessica and Claire’s souls outsmart their captor by taking over the body of a sixteen-year-old girl—but their troubles are far from over. They must repeat high school, giving them a whole new perspective on the punishment they received for their previous misdeeds. The count of bodies without souls keeps rising, and the search for the spirit of the sixteen-year-old girl they inhabit must be found. But time is not on their side—the blue moon is rising.

Psychotherapy With Ghosts: Author Joseph S. Covais

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Female Acadamy ISO cover
Bound By Faith Cover Final

Quiet Room

In 1970, washed-up psychologist David Weis closes his Manhattan practice and, against the advice of Angela, his urbane fiancée buys an abandoned house on the shore of Lake Champlain. One room is occupied by the ghost of Almira, a lovely, but a troubled young woman who died in 1840. A series of midnight psychotherapy sessions take place in the ‘Quiet Room.”  Together, they analyze the cause of Almira’s spiritual entrapment and David confronts his own haunted emotions. A strong bond develops and with it complications for David’s real-life relationship with Angela. Alternating chapters describe the events which led to Almira’s unsettled afterlife. In 1840, at her family’s isolated estate, young Almira is in a secret love affair with the hired man, Daniel. Her mother’s death and her father's immediate remarriage follow. Though desperately in love, Almira and Daniel are discovered. Unless they can find a way to prevent it, Almira’s father and the realities of 19th century America will keep them apart. Quiet Room is the first of three in the Psychotherapy With Ghosts series. Book II, Female Academy, continues the story.

Female Academy

When science fails forgiveness
may be the only answer.

In 1971, Psychotherapist David Weis thought he’d reached a therapeutic completion with his ghostly, lovely patient, Almira…until the true reason for her spiritual entrapment is revealed. The questions raised are more profound than anything psychology can explain. Can David really help without surrendering his own disbelief and risk losing the chance for love in his own life?

Meanwhile, in 1841, life at the Albany Female Academy is complicated. Desperate and young, Almira is thrown into a web of social tensions, animal desire, and secrets built upon secrets. Can she and her forbidden lover, Daniel, succeed in their race against time to marry and find happiness in the face of society’s obstacles?

The tragic end of Almira’s life
inspires others in two epochs to find meaning in their own.

In 1972, David discovers the true meaning of love beyond a world that insists on pleasure for its own sake. In 1842, Rebecca’s mission to learn the fate of her beloved friend leads her into the occult world of two mysterious sisters. Besides Almira’s death, the shocking truth uncovered about her own family’s past may help her find the courage to turn a new page in her own life.

**The Further Adventures of Jack The Giant Killer** Author Tony Padegimas

Beanstalk ISO F
06 Apprentice Cover ISO (2)

Beanstalk and Beyond

Felling the beanstalk wasn't the end of the story A handful of magic beans is only the beginning… In a last ditch attempt to save his family from poverty, Jack, a chicken thief who would go to great lengths to avoid his chores, sets out to sell a cow. What he receives sets him down a path that takes him far beyond giants and golden eggs. In this refreshing take on the classic beanstalk tale, Jack outwits wizards, mingles with kings, and stares down the very forces of nature on his journey to find his destiny. Padegimas lends Jack a charming voice, peppered with plenty of humor, adventure, and a dash of magic. Beanstalk and Beyond will delight fantasy readers and readers of all ages.

Taliesin's Last Apprentice

Jack, the boy who climbed the beanstalk, has become an apprentice of the bard Taliesin. Yes, that Bard Taliesin. They join the crew of the Sun Seeker, a fl ying ship full of iron-age heroes off to cross the vast and dangerous northern sea to rescue a kidnapped princess.The voyage of the Sun-Seeker is a tale of disaster in its many guises: fi erce storms, unrequited love, starvation, , Fey folk who think they’re helping, sinfully poor hospitality and a little bit of time travel.Jack ends up fi nding Princess Winnowin, who does not need or want rescue. The only way back, to rescue those who need rescue, goes through the lands of the Fey. Here where time and space do not work properly, thus, the end runs into the beginning. Jack must choose again whether he wants to be a hero or just another bard.

Elements of Chaos:  Author Stephanie Cress

Gilded Shadows Final
001 beyond the shore iso

Gilded Shadows

The races in the city of Old Dominion live together in harmony, except for those of mixed race. The Sunfolk Church has decided that the Mixed are second-class citizens because they cannot bear children. But through her research, Dela has discovers that they can. And the church will do anything to keep her quiet. They send an assassin who studies his targets until he finds his own reason to kill. But when it comes to Dela, the assassin cannot justify the execution and he questions his employers for the first time in his career. Caught up in Dela’s revolution, he falls in love. The assassin discovers that the contract he made is unbreakable and not completing the job will still cost a life – Dela’s or his.

Beyond the Shore

Suffolk healer, Gilwin travels to the coastal country of Carrow on a mysterious journey. He finds himself caught up in Carrow’s fight for independence, and alongside a half-breed mercenary, Adarran, and a pair of diplomat daughters, Sialla and Rilyn, who are searching for, Teryx, the rebels’ notorious leader. When the rebellion strikes, Gilwin, and his companions must decide if war is the only answer. If it is, does it mean that all of Carrow will burn?

Rising Herald Saga: Author Chris Moss

The Traitor's Reliquary book cover ISO
The Traitor's Empire cover ISO

The Traitor's Reliquary

Sentenced to death, but fate has other plans for Kestel Snatched from the jaws of a Hydra, Kestel finds himself swept into a struggle of monsters and angels. The fate of a crumbling society hangs on Kestel’s impossible quest for revenge against a living god. Meanwhile, the island of Caelbor teeters on the brink of civil war. Spymaster Harpalus plots in the shadows, only to face the woman who trained him. Will Harpalus stop the war, or will old scores tear apart his country if left unsettled?

To save an empire–or destroy it?

After the death of Maal and Musmahu, Kestel and Eriwasteg contend with the intrigues of Maal’s court to take control of the Sacred Realm, but their different cultures and Kestel’s growing visions of the Capital’s destruction put them both at risk. Julia, now Spymistress of the Citadel after murdering her protégé, Harpalus, must protect the Citadel’s prelates from a new Vutai agent while dealing with her own crippling guilt. Meanwhile, General Marcus Dio is asked to forge a combined army from the remnants of the bitter civil war, but his own secrets threaten to upset the Citadel’s push to retake their ancestral homeland. With Citadel and Baavghir armies converging on the Capital Kestel’s empire is on the brink.

The Tripitaka Chronicles: 

Author Seb Cielens

white lotus cover ISO
The Golden Drum cover ISO
Three Thousand Realms iso cover

White Lotus

The year is 1799 and a woodblock engraved with a mysterious message in an unknown script is unearthed near a Korean temple. A novice monk, Kyetsu, is sent north by the Abbot on a mission to deliver it to the King. With great reluctance, he sets out on a journey north to deliver the message to the King. On the journey, he will receive help in unexpected places. That help comes from a great warrior, a member of a secret society called the White Lotus, who accompanies him and a gang of street urchins. Kyetsu soon finds he will need all the help he can get, as there are powerful forces working against him.

The Golden Drum

The fate of Two Kingdoms
Rests in his hands

Book two of The Tripitaka Chronicles. Yun-li and Kyetsu discover a world darker and more sinister than anything they had imagined. They must find new allies as well as great inner strength if they are to avoid the fate that lies in store.

Sword Demon: Author David Alexanian

La Plance Demon ISO Cover
mariella's witch ISO cover
Elodie's Ghost iso cover

Laplace's Demon

Laplace’s innocent blood has awakened a centuries old curse-a Japanese demon sworn to wreak havoc on this world. The seductive powers granted by the demon’s sword help Laplace cut a swath through the Paris underworld. But with the rising body count, the demon’s strength grows. Its desire for blood will never be quenched. And once Laplace loses himself completely, it will never be stopped.

Marielle's Witch

In the aftermath of a supernatural battle in Paris, a troubled peace has settled over The city. But for Laplace and his newfound allies, it is only the eye of the storm.

In the darkest shadows,
She waits From the smouldering ashes,
She beckons
And with each drop of blood
She grows stronger

The Snow Witch has struck again—this time, at Laplace’s heart. Amid the destruction and chaos inflicted on his beloved Paris, a little girl has disappeared. Now Laplace and his allies have no choice but to travel to the ancient land of Japan to confront the evil that torments him in order to save that which he values more than anything.

Lost Treasures: Author Fred Rayworth

Lusitania Gold 1 [Recovered]
Spanish Gold Cover ISO

Lusitania Gold

Treasure hunting is never an easy business, but when Joseph “Detach” Datchuk stumbles into a chance encounter with an elderly heiress, he thrusts himself into a quest that will push him and his crew to their limits. A sunken treasure is believed to lie within the remains of the Lusitania, and the ship has secrets that someone will go to any lengths to protect. Detach and his crew faces the impossible in this explosive adventure.

However, the famed ship isn’t the only thing lurking in the shadowy depths of the bowels of the ship...

Spanish Gold

The Discovery of a centuries-old journal from a Spanish monk sends Detach and his team on another quest for gold. From England to the Azores, and finally, to Spain, they follow a twisted trail filled with hazards that test all of their skills. Each clue uncovered brings Detach and his team closer to the hidden treasure, but they will have to escape the death stalking them to get it.

The Tyranny Saga: Authors RR Draude & JA Wilkins

Tyrannys Prisoner ISO


Lost between the colonies of Earth! That’s where Elise Jahan Danion finds herself with her best friend and co-pilot Russ, and Alex, a friend of her parents that she despises. They must learn to work as a team if they are to get home in one piece. Coming across a colonized planet in an uncharted quadrant, they land in hopes of finding help. But the people on Beta Gaea have secrets. A historical connection to a mystery surrounding Elise’s family, an old friend of Russ’, and a rebellion. Follow Elise and her crew as they are swept up in the politics and intrigue of this new world. Can Elise resolve her differences with Alex? Can they free these enslaved people from the clutches of the privateers? How will they find their way home?

The Newberry Collection

Cover 05 Flat Titles
Vast Configuration ISO

The Theory of Insanity

Brooklyn Aaron Davis (Brooks) is dead–again. When a Nuclear war destroys humanity, Brooks travels back in time to save the world, a world that may not want to be saved. He’s gone back to Earth eight times already and failed on each return to prevent the apocalypse. The window of opportunity is closing fast. With one last chance to get it right, Brooks gambles on trying something completely different to save the world. But, unlike his previous efforts, if he fails this time, there is no do over.

The Vast Configuration

Carlos Huerta, at one time considered the world’s top theoretical physicist, is about to enter an underground world of secrets, lies, and deception. In a U.S. Government site just north of Las Vegas, Nevada, Carlos comes face to face with an eclectic group of specially gifted people, a dedicated team of para-military professionals, and more than one million extraterrestrials.  

After four decades of housing, feeding, and studying the non-aggressive aliens, Washington D.C. concludes that the operation is nothing more than a drain on the economy and wants the “problem to go away.” Carlos is assigned the task of discovering the reason for the alien visitation, or the government will exterminate the creatures from the vast configuration.  

Rick Newberry's Deadly Series

Deadly People iso cover copy
Deadly places iso Cover
Deadly things iso cover copy

At work. On the bus. In a crowded theater. They’re everywhere. Anyone you meet could be a deadly person…given the right set of circumstances. Who Knows? It might even be you.

Welcome to Deadly People

A collection of short stories dedicated to the strange, the curious, and the slightly twisted. Not for the weak of heart, the timid, or those who are easily frightened, my Deadly People are dying to meet you. So, if you’re tired of the normal, bored with the safe and sane, then take a walk with me beyond the ordinary, past the conventional, and venture into the realm of the unexplainable and somewhat fantastic. Don’t be shy, stories of murder, mayhem, and madness await those who are willing to take a chance and enter the world of Deadly People.

“Welcome to Sin City.”

Block 16 in old downtown Las Vegas holds the distinc- tion of being the original Sin City. Games of chance, free-flowing alcohol, and lurid back rooms flourished on Block 16 in 1906. Fast forward, Las Vegas welcomes more than forty million visitors a year. Why? Games of chance, free-flowing alcohol, and lurid back rooms. In this book of short stories celebrating place, what better place to celebrate than Sin City? Whether the story is a futuristic saga of deep space war, or features a dusty little town called Pahrump, Deadly Places is all about what happens in and around Vegas. This book pays tribute to the ghosts, misfits, and non- conformists of Block 16. Without their determination to make something of this place in the sun, there would be no Strip, no City of Entertainment, and no iconic sign proclaiming…

“Welcome to Las Vegas.”

Information Forth Coming

The MacKenna Sage

12_2019 Dreams and Deceptions ISO Cover
Plots n Prophrcies iso

Awake, Alone, and Angry

Twenty-five Colonial Periods locked in Cold-stasis has left Kalen MacKenna with only two possessions, a hellish nightmare, a reminder of the night his life changed forever, and a driving need to restore honor to his family name. Recovering from his long stasis confinement, and struggling to regain the use of his body, Kalen discovers that not even a heavily guarded prison is a haven from his enemies.. Alone and friendless, Kalen sets out to prove his innocence. But who can he trust? And how do you find answers to questions no one bothered asking over a quarter-century ago?

Some Answers -- More Questions

Kalen's found answers, but they leave him more confused about his father's past. He uncovers clues pointing to answers
in the northern mountains. He and his new companion Mayla Santiago head for the town of Castlebar. Before they can begin their quest, they're drugged. Kalen awakens to find himself
alone, in the cargo compartment of a flyer, headed for certain death. Can he survive and uncover what his father suspected is happening to their world? And what of Mayla? Has she paid the ultimate price to find the answers he needs?

9781948266079-Cover Perfect [Recovered]
04 Prophecys Knight Small

Simple Outing -- Deadly Outcome

Life for the Santiago family is about to turn lethal. Young women are disappearing without a trace. An attempt to take Dani’s friend, and then her, tells Kalen his enemies are getting bolder and desperate. While recovering from an attempt on his own life, Kalen and Jamie Santiago stumble onto another kidnapping. They interfere and set off a series of disastrous events that put the Santiago family in harm’s way.

Through the Glass Darkly

Past events make clear some verses
in the Crosskey Prophecy, but much of its meaning for the future is still clouded in
its cryptic wording. While Kalen struggles to make sense of the prophecy’s passages, Dani Santiago is enjoying her outing in the Barrera wilds, blissfully unaware of the encroaching  danger or of those protecting her. Connor O’Dell appears and delivers a message, she must return home. Events unfold in their lives, putting Dani, Connor, Kalen and Mayla on a collision course with Maria, Jenna and the Central Council.

Peophecy's Queen 13-5 X 9.5 Cover

 Kalen’s good name is restored.
But at what cost?

Three Atwoods lay dead. The Arrisian Central Council is in chaos. Cut with a poisoned blade, Mayla lies in a stasis chamber a few heartbeats from death. Maria and Jenna are still at large, one or both have the antidote. And the last verses of the prophecy hold a chilling warning against failure in the coming conflict.

The exciting conclusion
of the MacKenna Saga.