Deadly Places (Release Date 1/24/23)

Deadly places iso Cover

“Welcome to Sin City.”

Block 16 in old downtown Las Vegas holds the distinc- tion of being the original Sin City. Games of chance, free-flowing alcohol, and lurid back rooms flourished on Block 16 in 1906. Fast forward, Las Vegas welcomes more than forty million visitors a year. Why? Games of chance, free-flowing alcohol, and lurid back rooms. In this book of short stories celebrating place, what better place to celebrate than Sin City? Whether the story is a futuristic saga of deep space war, or features a dusty little town called Pahrump, Deadly Places is all about what happens in and around Vegas. This book pays tribute to the ghosts, misfits, and non- conformists of Block 16. Without their determination to make something of this place in the sun, there would be no Strip, no City of Entertainment, and no iconic sign proclaiming…

“Welcome to Las Vegas.”

The Unseen (Release Date 02/07/2023)

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As a young adult, Serena Justice began experiencing many mysterious symptoms that stumped doctors for years and caused her life to unravel. Through her own investigating, she uncovered the cause of her chronic and mysterious symptoms to be the result of a product recall. Her symptoms were later accurately diagnosed as hypersensitivity to both chemicals and radiation, two conditions that commonly label an individual as a “canary.” Most medical professionals told her that “canary” conditions had “no cure,” and that “avoidance” of modern pollutions was the only solution. When Justice finds her faith, the powers of Heaven begin to manifest in her life, and she is Divinely led through a journey of recovery. Miracles manifest in many aspects of her life, including being Divinely directed to her soulmate. Together, they minister to many in both the prison and mental health systems, where miracles continued to unfold.

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Traitors Ruin: (Release Date 03/07/2023

The Traitor's Ruin iso cover copy

A city burns
– but does the Herald still wish to save it?

Kestel and Harpalus race to take control of the Citadel army, who are on a rampage after the treacherous deaths of Dio and Bastion – but after being imprisoned and humiliated by his own people, Kestel may be more than happy to watch his city burn. Meanwhile, Eriwasteg struggles to contain the Baavghir’s own ambitions for conquest as her companion Melia succumbs to Bloodwyne withdrawal. With a city on the brink, scores will be settled and secrets will be dragged into the light – but with the Hydra God stirring, will it be enough?

The exciting conclusion to The Rising Herald Saga

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The Conspiracy Page  (Release date 4/04/23)

First Encounter cover iso copy

The first book from Tremplins, our mid-grade book division.

The Conspiracy Page Series
First Encounter (Book One)

Three Thousand Realms (Release date 5/02/23)

Three Thousand Realms iso cover

hMore information fortcoming.

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