Bound by Faith


The tragic end of Almira’s life inspires others in two epochs to find meaning in their own. In 1972, David discovers the true meaning of love beyond a world that insists on pleasure for its own sake. In 1842, Rebecca’s mission to learn the fate of her beloved friend leads her into the occult world of two mysterious sisters. Besides Almira’s death, the shocking truth uncovered about her own family’s past may help her find the courage to turn a new page in her own life.







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  1. Richard Draude

    This book was my favorite of the trilogy. Reading two different timelines, the reader watches both stories unfold with grace, interweaving with each other in a beautiful way. Almira’s story is a sad one of lost love, and more gets revealed as her friend Rebecca is determined to find out what happened to her. Hearing Almira’s story through her own account as a ghost, David discovers more about himself and the life he wants to lead with the woman he loves. He improves himself and accepts parts of himself he found difficult to change with Almira’s advice. In this final novel, he is more the patient than she is. They grow together in the worlds of the living and the dead. There were so many things I was happy about that happened. Matilda was finally freed, Rebecca got the education she wanted, and Almira and Daniel finally reunited as ghosts, happy to be in their own little paradise until they could take the final step. Each story from the 1970s and 1840s were well rounded and satisfying with engaging characters I was rooting for.
    C. Casarico author of the Rags and Riches series.
    Twitter: @ ccasarico

  2. Richard Draude

    Bravo for the way you wrapped this up, a conclusion that was surprising but also made so much sense. As a believer in destiny, I thought it was just right. 

    In Bound By Faith, the third book in Joseph Covais’ Psychotherapy With Ghosts trilogy, the author performs a hat trick rarely seen in this genre; each book checks in more compelling than the one before, with characters both living and dead navigating their worlds in a way that is relatable and satisfying. 

         As with the first two books in his series, Quiet Room and Female Academy, Covais has created lives (and after-lives) rich in both emotional and historical detail, with interactions between ghostly protagonists and their human counterparts that are as believable as they are touching. 

         Don’t expect a personality contest. 

    In Bound By Faith, both the living and the dead exhibit very human failings, a fact that makes their evolution even more fascinating to watch. 

         Mystery, science, love, and regret—they’re all here. If you’re intrigued by the paranormal and captivated by the day to day lives of people from days gone by, you need to add Bound By Faith and its forerunners to your reading list.

    Thea Lewis,
    Creator of Queen City Ghostwalk

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