Dreams And Deceptions



Dreams And Deceptions
The MacKenna Saga
Book One

Convicted of the brutal murders of his wife and father, his trial judge sentences Kalen MacKenna to imprisonment in Cold-stasis, instead of the death penalty. Twenty-five years later Kalen awakens to a world changed beyond anything he could have imagined. Setting out on a journey to prove his innocence, he discovers that nowhere is safe and ends up with more questions than answers. Who are these people waiting for him at every turn and how deep does this conspiracy go? Kalen flees into the southern mountains. While on the run, he discovers an injured woman who may or may not be part of the mercenaries searching for him. Kalen must figure out, in short order, who to trust, while staying one step ahead of those trying to kill him. Peeling back the layers of his father’s hidden past, he learns that  even secrets you don’t know can get you killed.


A really good book by a talented author. The characters really drew me into the story. A science-fiction mystery that morphs into a thriller with a romantic element, something for everybody. I look forward to the sequel.

M.E. Brines: Author

I really enjoyed the book. As the first of a series, there was somebackground and explanation, but the story progressed and really started to come together. I liked the character development…I knew why the protagonists are supposed to be the “good guys” and the undertone of evil in their opponents. Really looking forward to the next installment.

Art May

Even though it took me a while to “get into” this book, I ended up liking it a lot. There are several flashbacks to explain things, but since they’re in italics, it was easy to distinguish them from the main story line. Over all, I enjoyed this book and was sad to see it end, just a note, it does end in a cliff hanger. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Karen Joslin


Riveting novel, had to keep reading.

This book is set in a futuristic world, but not all “futuristic”. Science Fiction novels often seem “far-fetched” and the reader would wonder why the author does not just get on with the story, but all that I read made sense. No “superman” heroics, but determination and actual honest reactions to what happens to Kalen and Mayla under great stress. Each twist and turn of the story seems plausible and logical.

As a reader I felt as though I was actually there listening to the conversations, watching what was happening. Because the author has a knack for being descriptive, without the use of frivolous words, one felt they were hearing, watching and feeling what was happening

The author does not use clichés, platitudes or adverbs that drag you out of the story. With each page the reader gets to know Mayla and Kalen as real and interesting. Of course the author gives “hints” but never lets on about their future. The author did not leave in little nagging details that detract from what is going on. An interesting suspense novel, without resorting to supercilious words and tired plots (using lots of words to basically say nothing.) The whole story felt real to me. It all seems plausible.

Cannot wait for the next book because it is interesting and suspenseful – in a good way. And I’m just as curious as Mayla and Kalen to know what all the intrigue means.

Kay Layton
Tempe, AZ


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