Gaze Upon A Blue Moon



When Irelyn finds a letter from her deceased Grand-Dad Irish, asking her to “forgive the dead their wrongs,” she is immersed in a maelstrom of long suppressed childhood memories.
Could grand-dad be right? Did she go back in time when she went missing as a child? Why and how did that happen, and how did her grandparents have anything to do with it?
Irelyn must travel to her grandparent’s home land of Ireland to sift through her own fanciful memories as a small girl in an attempt to bring the truth to surface. Bearing in mind, what her grandmother said, “Some secrets are meant to be kept, while others are meant to be shared.”
However, no task is ever as simple as it seems. Unbeknownst to Irelyn, there are two men waiting for her to make her journey across the ocean; one to welcome and one to flee. Irelyn must confront them both, and discover the connection between the past and her future. Once all is known, will Irelyn be able to forgive the dead their wrongs?


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