The Unseen


As a young adult, Serena Justice began experiencing many mysterious symptoms that stumped doctors for years and caused her life to unravel. Through her own investigating, she uncovered the cause of her chronic and mysterious symptoms to be the result of a product recall. Her symptoms were later accurately diagnosed as hypersensitivity to both chemicals and radiation, two conditions that commonly label an individual as a “canary.” Most medical professionals told her that “canary” conditions had “no cure,” and that “avoidance” of modern pollutions was the only solution. When Justice finds her faith, the powers of Heaven begin to manifest in her life, and she is Divinely led through a journey of recovery. Miracles manifest in many aspects of her life, including being Divinely directed to her soulmate. Together, they minister to many in both the prison and mental health systems, where miracles continued to unfold.



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