Book 1 of the Entwinement Series

Return to Avelon Final ISO


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Kenna escapes the Isle of Sanctuary after her sister is murdered and finds herself bonded to a man she despises. They travel to New Orleans to find a way to break the bond when they learn of a prophecy that predicts the downfall of the Island and the rise of a new queen. After embarking on a journey to Avalon they find themselves having to return to the island and partake in a dangerous series of games to make it to the ceremonial supper where they plan to attack the queen and the royals. After learning that the queen’s life is connected to her mate’s, they need to find a way to sever the connection before they’re able to kill her. To do this, she needs to travel to Egypt and retrieve a powerful artifact hidden in the depths of an ancient tomb. When they reach the tomb, they find that it has already been taken and that the chalice used by the queen to offer eternal life to the winner of the event is the artifact needed. Together with a pack of shifters, they plan an attack on the island in which they attempt to sever the bond between the queen and her mate. When they think they’ve succeeded in this, they kill the queen but end up killing Jed as well. She frees all the people and changes the island into a retreat for rogue supernaturals.