Upcoming Releases 2021

Spanish Gold Fred Rayworth 02/15/2021

Spanish Gold Cover ISO

Discovery of a centuries-old journal from a Spanish monk sends Detach and his team on another quest for gold. From England to the Azores, and finally to Spain, they follow a twisted trail filled with hazards that test all of their skills. Each clue uncovered brings Detach and his team closer to the hidden treasure, but they will have to escape the death stalking them to get it.

Fred Rayworth's Lusitania Gold introduced us to Joseph “Detach” Datchuk, a professional diver and treasure hunter with a slightly tarnished reputation.

Mr. Rayworth followup to his first book in his Tales Of Lost Gold series and a true winner, with all the twists you expect from him. A must-read for all treasure and adventure seekers.


Ezekiel's Brain: Casey Dorman 04/01/2020

ISO Ezelial's Brain

Have an AI run the world?
What could go wrong?

DARPA’s AI, built and programmed to “fulfill humanity’s highest values” has decided. The problem with Earth is humans… Two centuries pass, and the DARPA AIs have multiplied into an android race and spread throughout the solar system and beyond.

When faced with a mutant AI race bent on consuming everything around them, the DARPA AIs search through history hoping to find a way to stop them. They stumble upon the long-forgotten knowledge of the electronic copy of Ezekiel’s brain. AI Ezekiel has human emotions—the very thing the DARPA AIs lack to survive the coming fight.

Though Ezekiel was reactivated to help them win the war, his humanistic contribution to this artificial intelligent race will reach well beyond this universe.

Beyond The Shore: Stephanie Cress  4/15/21

001 beyond the shore iso

Sunfolk healer Gilwin travels to the coastal country of Carrow on a mysterious journey. He finds himself caught up in Carrow’s fight for independence, and alongside a half-breed mercenary, Adarran, and a pair of diplomat daughters, Sialla and Rilyn, they search for, Teryx, the rebels’ notorious leader. When the rebellion strikes, Gilwin, and his companions must decide if war is the only answer. If it is, does it mean that all of Carrow will burn?

Author Stephanie J. Cress has lived in a fantasy world for as long as she can remember. From an early age, she told herself stories to help herself sleep and keep herself entertained on long rides across the country (as an Army brat, those happened a lot). In 2001, she received her bachelor’s degree in geology but it wasn’t until the 2007 NaNoWriMo challenge that she put those skills together to create the people and the landscape of Gilded Shadows. It is now the first of a five-book series.

Threshold:   Book Three   Sharon Day  04/01/2021

Threshols Cover ISO

Armed with a magical ring and the promise of saving one life, the SEEK Team explores portal phenomena.

Even after his death, billionaire Edward Schulte haunts Beau and Marco. Their research mission this time is a dangerous one, and their feelings keep them even more vulnerable. Will they approach the threshold of a parallel world and will Marco be able to carry Beau through the threshold to marital bliss?

In this, the conclusion of Ms. Day's trilogy, the SEEK team takes on their ultimate adventure. Ms. Day concludes her series with her best story yet. The twists will keep you turning the pages, and the end you will not see coming.

Quite Room  Joseph S. Covais  05/01/2021

02 ISO Cover Quiet Room

A disillusioned psychologist decides he’s not cut out to help people. He leaves the city and buys an old sprawling mansion in the country, only to discover the troubled ghost of a young woman inside. Intrigued by her beauty and forlorn expressions, he wants to help. After all, at least this time the patient is already dead. What could go wrong? 

Mariella's Witch 7/15/2021

Mariella's Witch iso Small

Laplace's Demon sword was destroyed in an ensuing fire and with it the curse, or was it? In Paris, Laplace spends his time roaming the streets feeling like something has changed in him. Meanwhile, not far away, the danger is taking shape in another form, deadlier than the last.

Book Two in David Alexanian's Demon Sword series continues the tale of a quest for vengeance through the centuries