Christmas Across Time Vol II 10/15/2021

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Mystic Publishers Inc. presents
Christmas Across Time. Our second volume of Christmas Stories to add to your holiday season.

Our authors have once again opened their imaginations to present stories both real and imagined, things that are near and dear near their hearts.

Taliesin’s Last Apprentice 11/1/21

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Sequel to Tony Padegimas' Beanstalk and Beyond. The continuing story of Jack the Giant Killer

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The Vast Configuration 11/15/21

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Rick Newberry' author of The Theory of Insanity latest book

Carlos Huerta, at one time considered the world’s top theoretical physicist, is about to enter an underground world of secrets, lies, and deception. In a U.S. Government site just north of Las Vegas, Nevada, Carlos comes face to face with an eclectic group of specially gifted people, a dedicated team of para-military professionals, and more than one million extraterrestrials.

After four decades of housing, feeding, and studying the non-aggressive aliens, Washington D.C. concludes that the operation is nothing more than a drain on the economy and wants the “problem to go away.” Carlos is assigned the task of discovering the reason for the alien visitation, or the government will exterminate the creatures from the vast configuration.

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Female Academy 2/1/22

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Joseph S. Covais Book 2 in his Psychotherapy With Ghosts Trilogy

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The Traitor’s Empire 3/1/22

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From the land Down under.
Chirs Moss'  Book Two of The Riding Herald Saga


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Gray Predators 4/1/22  2nd Edition

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In 2017 we lost a good friend and a business partner  when Jay Yarbrough passed away. In the wake of his death we issued his book.
The Gray Predators.

Having recently obtained access to some of his book notes and ideas for story improvements and in honor of a dear friend we have decided  to reissue his book with additions material and much more in-depth editing of his work.

The Gray Perditions is at its core a murder mystery, but also touches on the subject of senior or elder abuse in many of its insidious forms. Jay's book handles this timely issue in a frank and straight forward manner while keeping the reader turning the pages to solve the murder. A well written mystery, and a must read.

Richard Draude
Author The MacKenna Sage
Almost A Whisper

The Golden Drum 5/1/22

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Book 2 in Seb Cielen's The Tripitaka Chronicles

Elodie’s Ghost 6/1/22

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Elodie's Ghost is the third book in David Alexanian Sword Demon Series

 Return to Avalon 7/1/22

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Book One of Ms Jones' Entwinement Series

Kenna escapes the Isle of Sanctuary after her sister is murdered, bonded to a man she despises.

They travel to New Orleans to find a way to break that bond. While there they learn of a prophecy that predicts the downfall of the Island and the rise of a new queen.

Thus begins Kenna’s journey to seek revenge for her sister's death and destroy the Queen of the Isle of Sanctuary.