Beyond The Shore: Stephanie Cress  4/15/21

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Sunfolk healer Gilwin travels to the coastal country of Carrow on a mysterious journey. He finds himself caught up in Carrow’s fight for independence, and alongside a half-breed mercenary, Adarran, and a pair of diplomat daughters, Sialla and Rilyn, they search for, Teryx, the rebels’ notorious leader. When the rebellion strikes, Gilwin, and his companions must decide if war is the only answer. If it is, does it mean that all of Carrow will burn?

Author Stephanie J. Cress has lived in a fantasy world for as long as she can remember. From an early age, she told herself stories to help herself sleep and keep herself entertained on long rides across the country (as an Army brat, those happened a lot). In 2001, she received her bachelor’s degree in geology but it wasn’t until the 2007 NaNoWriMo challenge that she put those skills together to create the people and the landscape of Gilded Shadows. It is now the first of a five-book series.

Quiet Room  Joseph S. Covais  05/01/2021

02 ISO Cover Quiet Room

A disillusioned psychologist decides he’s not cut out to help people. He leaves the city and buys an old sprawling mansion in the country, only to discover the troubled ghost of a young woman inside. Intrigued by her beauty and forlorn expressions, he wants to help. After all, at least this time the patient is already dead. What could go wrong? 

Mariella's Witch 7/15/2021

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Some Legends linger for years.
Some Legends last for centuries.
Some Legends just won’t die.

In the aftermath of a supernatural battle that rocked the city, a troubled peace has settled over Paris. But for Laplace and his newfound allies, it is only the eye of the storm.

Book Two in David Alexanian's Sword Demon Series continues the tale of a quest for vengeance through the centuries

White Lotus

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The year is 1799 and a woodblock engraved with a mysterious message in an unknown script is unearthed near a Korean temple. A novice monk, Kyetsu, is sent north, by the Abbot, on a mission to deliver it to the King. With great reluctance, he sets out on a journey north to deliverthe message to the King. On the journey, he will receive help in unexpected places. That help comes from a great warrior, a member of a secret society called the White Lotus, who accompanies him, and a gang of street urchins. Kyetsu soon finds he will need all the help he can get, as there are powerful forces working against him.