Wish Upon A Blue Moon Danna Walters Book two in Her Blue Moon Trilogy

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Legend has it if you walk up the Wishing Steps at Blarney Castle backward the Druid King will grant your wish.

While helping on the family's sheep farm Erin, the daughter of Cian and Irelyn goes missing. Did the Blue Moon transport her to the past? Did she follow a Blue Butterfly to a fairy ring? Or did a wish made upon the Wishing Steps come true?

Gaze Upon A Blue Moon

The second book in The Blue Moon Trilogy catches the reader up with Irlelyn and Cian. Having met and fallen in love in the first book, “Gaze Upon a Blue Moon”  we now get to see these two living in marital bliss. But all is not as it seems like the past haunts the present. And the future threatens to visit the past. Old ghosts tug at the couple’s new life. Irlelyn and Cian struggle to keep their daughter Erin safe and away from the ghostly pulls from the past. Wish Upon A Blue Moon, takes the reader on a wild ride with time travel, romance, Ireland, the Caribbean, French soldiers, and even pirates. The best part of Wish Upon A Blue Moon is learning about historical periods and different parts of the world. This mysterious “traveler” is so ominous and exciting at the same time! Wish Upon A Blue Moon is a wonderful addition to this trilogy. Excitedly waiting for the third and final Blue Moon book.

Tammy George, Educator