The MacKenna Saga
Book Two

 A child Born.
A secret  hidden

     Surviving Jenna’s attempt to bury them alive, Kalen and Mayla take refuge in the Barrera Wilds. While hiding they unlock some of the mystery surrounding the death of Kalen’s wife Jancee and Russell, his father.
     Flying north, Mayla takes Kalen to meet her father, Quintin Santiago, once a close friend of Russell MacKenna. From Quintin he learns of the betrayal dividing the MacKennas and the Santiagos. Kalen’s knowledge of the past allows him to settle the dispute and reunite the two families.
     While staying with Mayla’s brother, Kalen uncovers clues pointing to answers in the northern mountains. He and Mayla head for the town of Castlebar. Before they can begin their quest, they are drugged. Kalen awakens to find himself alone, in the cargo compartment of a flyer, kidnapped, and headed for certain death.
     Can he survive and uncover what his father suspected is really happening to their world? And what of Mayla? Has she paid the ultimate price to find the answers they need?



Due Out Feb 2016


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