The Melenna Adventures
Book One
All she wanted was to get rich, but in the end, she sacrificed all to help another. If she isn’t careful, people may start to think she’s a decent person.
Meleena goes through life one picked pocket at a time. With a wild heart, she spends each night with a different man, and often wakes up in a strange place.When she goes after a valuable pearl hidden in a lost city called Slab, she figures this is the way to the easy life. An old magick user named Grel may hold the key to finding this pearl, and he insists she not go alone if she hopes to survive. Despite second thoughts and an aversion to working with others, she gathers a team and heads for the lost city.  However, she isn’t the only one after the pearl, and Meleena finds herself in a race to get there first.

Fred Rayworth enchants with this spellbinding tale that follows Meleena and her crew on an epic journey filled with monsters, magic and mystical encounters. Fantasy has found a new hero in the unlikeliest of places- the will of a clever girl fated for more than just picking pockets and charming drunk bar patrons. A valiant girl, a motley crew of unlikely heroes, ogres, wizards, dragons and monsters round out the cast of endearing characters within a captivating storyline that will keep the you turning the pages and wanting more.


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